About NineStreet

Dress to the nines with a trendy, affordable wardrobe! Shop online from the comfort of anywhere.

Why Choose NineStreet?
You put time, effort, and money into looking your best, and shop at every available store to search for the right clothes for you and your family.

At NineStreet, we take out the need to search by putting everything in one place. NineStreet stocks high-end, trendy items from your favourite fashion brands, and is always rotating inventory to give you the latest, most sought-after clothes.

Shop clothes for the whole family at amazing prices, and get them shipped directly to your door!

Our Mission
We think it’s ridiculous to run around to dozens of brick and mortar stores just to assemble an outfit, and want to give our customers an easier, more enjoyable shopping experience.

Whether you need a gorgeous gown for a formal event, comfortable workout gear to get moving, or school uniforms for the start of term, NineStreet has it! Find the hottest styles, brands, and items for super affordable prices.

NineStreet isn’t your average online retailer: we carry an enormous inventory of more than 150,000 items and are constantly making moves to improve our stock and give customers an even better experience.

We always keep prices low, work with top distributors to avoid low stock and low availability, and we communicate with our customers to make sure they feel heard and supported.

Our Origin Story
NineStreet was created as an anti-brick and mortar clothing store. We were sick of going to stores that don’t carry all of their brand’s items, have a limited number of sizes, and force you to conform to a specific style.

NineStreet makes it possible for you to curate a signature look that is entirely your own by giving you access to tens of thousands of items from top brands and designers. No limits, no rules, NineStreet is the ultimate shopping experience.

9.00 am to 5.00 pm